Owning a home should be a choice, not a privilege. By providing new and exclusive financing options for homebuyers, SKYIRE makes it possible for more people to build equity and achieve financial security by owning their own home.

We believe

  • 10% down
  • Lowest rate
  • Lowest insurance premium
  • Lower monthly payments
  • No CMHC required
  • 1% down
  • Move in now and purchase later 
  • Protect and build your equity
  • Participate in the appreciation
  • Qualify for a mortgage later  

Your best home financing options.

Don't pay rent!

Own your home. Build the security, wealth and life you deserve. 

Inquire today and we'll send you a $250 HomeMoney credit - use it as part of your down payment!

Pride of ownership is the number one reason why individuals like you desire to own a home. There is no landlord looking over your shoulder. You can make home improvements knowing that any appreciation that results is to your benefit. Homeownership gives you and your family a sense of stability and security. You're making an investment in your future.

If you've been fortunate enough, you may have been able to save enough for that down payment to buy a home. But for many prospective homeowners, achieving the goal of homeownership has become increasingly more difficult. Escalating home prices across Canada and increased requirements regarding down payments has put extra financial strain on many prospective homeowners.


Your Traditional Financing Choices

There are generally two options for a home mortgage:

  1. A conventional mortgage, which requires a minimum 20% down payment; or
  2. If you have less than 20%, a "high-ratio mortgage" which requires mortgage insurance through the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC).

While a "high-ratio" CMHC insured mortgage allows you to purchase your home with less than 20% down, the high price of the insurance premium can significantly increases your monthly mortgage payments as well as your overall cost to purchase.

SKYIRE Home Financing  is the better option. Let us show you how to save thousands of dollars. Plus get a $250 HomeMoney credit - use it as part of your down payment!

Making HomeOwnership a Reality

Let's Get STARTED!

We'll also send you our ebook "The Big Buy".  A 60+ page book helping people make smarter home buying decisions.

This material is intended for marketing purposes and is only for purchasers residing in Canada. This is not an investment recommendation. Please review all  material prior to purchasing.

SKYIRE Home Financing is NOW available on all SKYIRE approved new homes.

HomePlan was created to help prospective homeowners like you. The Right-to-Purchase option enables you to move in, build equity and purchase the home later. Over time, you benefit proportionally in any home appreciation plus in the pay down of the mortgage. The Right-to-Purchase option is a secured interest on title  as if you actually owned the home. 

The HomeIndex Mortgage  supplements your 10% down payment with an interest-only loan of up to 15% of the home purchase price. Your down payment, plus HomeIndex Mortgage, gives you the required 20% (or more) for a conventional mortgage - avoiding expensive CMHC insurance premiums.  You can be a homeowner sooner, live more comfortably with lower monthly payments and save more with lower interest rates since the HomeIndex Mortgage rate will always be the lowest rate available.

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