Wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered the guide and book. I found HomePlan made a lot of sense and I wanted to move forward.

Lynda G., Vancouver

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Start your path to owning a home.

I have rented for several years, I think HomePlan is a better option. It can reduces many of the risks I face now.

David Reimer




Great words from Great people.

Are you currently renting? Well, those monthly rent cheques you're paying could be going to save for a down payment. And even if you try to put some money aside every month, your living expenses probably eat-up most of your paycheque. As time rolls by, the amount you need for that down payment increases along with home prices.

Are you a first-time homebuyer? You're probably having a difficult time finding a suitable mortgage. If you've never applied for such a large loan before, you may need time to build-up your credit rating; or to fix a current credit issue.

The good news is that SKYIRE HomePlan can help. Inquire today.

Stop Renting. Start Owning

Renters face unwanted risks . . .  

Bound by the rules of the lease 

No changes to the property without landlord consent

Third-party Rental Agent is usually involed

No wealth creation or return on investment 

No control over annual rent fluctuations

No guarantees the lease will be renewed

Repairs and upgrdes are unpredictable

 HomePlan is the answer.  Be in control and build equity

Like you, many renters want to stop paying rent to a landlord and instead own their own home. But the problem is, in today's crazy housing market, the home buying experience can be extremely frustrating. With home prices going up across Canada, getting out of the rental trap and moving into your own home becomes more difficult every day.


Obstacles to home buying

There are three big obstacles facing first-time buyers:

Time − Saving for a down payment

Credit and employment status – Difficultly qualifying for a mortgage

Income – Managing monthly mortgage payments

SKYIRE HomePlan is the answer.

FREE HomePlan Guide

You'll learn:

How HomePlan works

Purchase price options available

The difference between SKYIRE HomePlan and other rent-to-own programs


This 60+ page book was written to help anyone, regardless of your level of knowledge, to become a wiser and more knowledgeable homebuyer.

How to increase your credit rating

How to calculate your purchasing budget

How to move towards the purchase of your home



Request your FREE HomePlan Guide and "The Big Buy" book

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We'll be happy to answer any of your           questions on:

How 1% down gets you a home

How features compare with rent-to-own

When a HomePlan can be completed 

You'll get our 60+ page book and learn:

Inspiring HomeOwners. Rewarding Equity.

At SKYIRE, we believe owning a home should be a choice, not a privilege. Through our innovative financing and savings programs, homebuyers enjoy lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, better personal cash flow and the freedom to live life the way they want. Affordability, lack of savings, cash flow or mortgage restrictions shouldn’t be a wall to homeownership – SKYIRE opens doors and helps homebuyers realize their dreams.

This material is intended for marketing purposes and is only for purchasers residing in Canada. This is not an investment recommendation. Please review all  material prior to purchasing.

What is 

Move into HomeOwnership 

Inquire Today

A Smarter way to OWN a home 

Than rent-to-own.


"The Big Buy" - FREE 


Find out:

SKYIRE HomePlan is a new and innovative opton-to-own program designed to help renters like you and first-time buyers with an easier way to escape the rental market and achieve the goal of owning your own home.

Most rent-to-own programs favour landlords. SKYIRE HomePlan is different. An equity purchase option gives you, the renter and future homeowner, a secured interest on title and equitable right as if you actually owned the home. This means, by registering the SKYIRE HomePlan agreement on title to the property, you are protected and the property cannot be sold out from underneath you.

Your monthly payment, which includes a savings amount put toward the eventual purchase of the home, increases your equity position over time. With traditional rent-to-own programs, your deposit and savings is forfeited if you do not complete the program.

With SKYIRE HomePlan, if you decide not to go forward with the purchase, the property would be listed for sale. When the property is sold, the SKYIRE HomePlan purchaser would get the benefit of any net proceeds above the HomePlan price. This resale right is one of the big factors that make SKYIRE HomePlan plan unique, as it provides a great win-win opportunity for HomePlan purchasers to share in mortgage principal repayment and home value appreciation.

Is this You?

Renting  &  never owning . . .

FREE HomePlan Guide

FREE "The Big Buy" book





Take the First Steps to Homeownership

Request our free SKYIRE HomePlan guide and book (The Big Buy).

A SKYIRE HomePlan representative will follow-up and answer any questions you might have. We'll help you determine if SKYIRE HomePlan is the right solution for you.

If SKYIRE HomePlan is determined to be a good fit, you’ll be guided through the various SKYIRE new development home listings with the goal of finding the best suitable fit, meeting your wants and needs.

Once a home is found, a simple application/agreement is prepared and signed.

A SKYIRE representative will then match a SKYIRE HomePlan investor to the property you selected (if one hasn't been done already). The SKYIRE HomePlan investor completes the purchase and you begin your journey to homeownership as a SKYIRE HomePlan purchaser.


It's that easy, And or course, we're there, every step of the way, helping you to achieve your goal of homeownership.

How to increase your credit rating

How to calculate your purchasing budget

How to move towards the purchase of your home


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